Virtual Horse Racing

Have you ever wanted to own, train, and/or race your very own thoroughbred race horse? This is your chance to experience the thrill of virtual horse racing!

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Virtual Horse Racing Game: Own / Train / Race / Compete / Win

Own, train, breed, and race your own thoroughbred horse stable in our online virtual racing game. We offer a wide variety of difficulties with nearly unlimited depth to the game including breeding and realistic growth of horses!

One of a Kind

We are the first horse racing game in the world where EVERY race is free to enter*! Players will pay a monthly subscription fee which will give them access to racing information and stats which are updated in real time.      *Some races require a premium token to participate Visit Premium Shop

Options For Any Budget

We offer ways for owners to be competitive with any budget. We reward skill over deep pockets and have a wide range of subscriptions available.

Built Specifically For The Owners

Our game is built by a team of people who used to play many of the other online horse racing games. We have created a game that is designed to challenge our trainers, but also to provide an enjoyable experience. We like to say that it is easy to learn but impossible to master.

Realistic Racing

Our horses are uniquely modeled to act and grow like real life horses which allow for unexpected surprises to be had by even the savviest of trainers. Our horses also exhibit specific race day tendencies that can be seen from the front runners to the deep closers.

Live Auctions

Sport of Kings features many ways to buy or sell a horse, but none is more exciting than our live auction system that allows for thousands of players to participate in auction action!

3D Race Viewer

We are using the sate of the art Unity 3D platform. This environment features ultra high quality profressional models and provides stellar graphics and race replays for our trainers.

2Mar Open ALW
19 / 20
4Mar Senior
1 / 20
6Mar Open ALW
8 / 20
7Mar Senior
2 / 20
20Mar Senior
1 / 20