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About Us
We began developing back in 2011 after getting horribly frustrated by the existing virtual horse racing offerings. We felt that they were lacking in customer service, over aggressive in their pricing, the simulation engine was biased, easily manipulated, and were generally lacking. We were able to take some of the best ideas from what has been previously done, along with many new ones and input from our testers to create, what we believe, to already be the best game available. Since 2011 the site has grown into what you see today and we are quite happy with the progress but understand that there is much more room for improvement and certainly growth. We have tried to balance realism with enjoyment and in that vein have made some compromises, such as the timescale being 3x that of reality. This means that for every real life year you will get 3 full seasons of racing. This compromise will allow our players to enjoy their horses for a signficant amount of time, allow new players a chance to get involved without having to wait too long, and allow our players to see their horses grow and develop as they age before they grow old themselves. The live site has been running since May 2014 and we already have over 25,000 registered players.

Season 1
We paid out over $17,000 in prize money.

Season 2
We paid out over $46,000 in prize money. We debuted the new championship series format for the grade 3 horses.

Season 3
We paid out over $64,000 in prize money. The championship format was expanded to the three year old divisions and grade 1.

Season 4
We paid out over $87,000 in prize money. The championship format was expanded to all age groups and divisions except grade 1 seniors. Finals day saw over $6,000 in added money given away in a single day.

Season 5
We paid out over $68,000 in prize money. The Grade 1 finals paid over $7,000 in a single day.

Season 6
Racing began on May 1, 2016. We have some new partnerships and affiliates to help us continue to grow and make this THE online horse racing simulation.

Season 7
Our first season using the subscription model. There are no longer any entry fees for races!

Season 8
The two year old crop contains over 1,000 two year olds! As the player base continues to grow we will continue to see record crops of horses which will mean more competition and prizes.

Season 11
The championship series continues to be an astounding value for players at this point in time. There were $900 in tokens used last season to enter the various qualifiers along with $1,300 in nominations for a total of $2,200 used towards the series. That's roughly 22% of the $10,029.55 that was paid out, simply an outstanding value and a great reason for anyone to get involved.

We had the largest two year old crop of horses since changing to a subscription format with 1581 sales ring horses and 720 home breds (2301). The homebreds earned an average of $12.99 with a whopping $29.88 per starter! Those are massive numbers when you consider most of those horses have at least 2 more seasons of racing to go. You will not find another site with those kind of figures.

Season 13
We continue to see player base growth and the benefits of our subscription model. The finals purses were a whopping $1,300 each! The site is now eight years old and has surpassed $500,000 in lifetime purses and 20,000 races. We once again have the largest group of yearlings heading into the next season with just shy of 3,000! We have also surpassed 100 active stables for the first time in the site's history.

Development Timeline
  • July 2015: We debuted an upgraded version of the viewer including envionrmental upgrades.
  • March 2016: We rolled out a new website interface. This complete overhaul is now mobile and tablet friendly.
  • April 2016: We upgraded the viewer and incoporate DX11 technologies to offer a better graphical experience.
  • October 2016: We transitioned to a monthly subscription model. We are the first and only site where every race is free to enter.
  • 2017: Tokens introduced and race offerings expanded to include new options such as handicaps and higher value claiming races.
  • 2018: Added race splitting as the race fields continue to grow in size.