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Updates 5/22/19 by sportofkings 2
5/22/2019 8:26:02 PM

UI and Purse Updates

  • Updates the future races UI to include a visual breakdown of the purses (cash/bonus)
  • We have boosted the added money of every race, outside the championship, by 10% for the remainder of the season starting 6/1/2019.
The leaderboard and program page are now live.


The data doesn't capture this entire season up to this point but it should stay up to date as races go off from this point forward.
Updates 5/16/19 by sportofkings 1
5/17/2019 1:20:28 AM

  • Fixed an issue with over-crediting accounts with BC for user created races that were cancelled.

Updates 5/8/19 by sportofkings 1
5/8/2019 10:43:12 PM

  • Fixed an issue with name of the races that were handicaps not properly including handicap.
  • Corrected the times for the races at Southampton.
  • Corrected the times for the races at Lingfield.
Racing Queues by sportofkings 1
4/22/2019 10:43:47 PM

New option
Building from the instant racing framework we have re-introduced the request a race feature as racing queues. This feature will roll out with a very narrowly defined scope. We will expand or contract based on feedback.

One thing that players still won’t be able to do is breed a horse (home bred) and immediately race it so with the current constraints of :
2 yr old
Less then or equal to two starts

We have really limited the horses impacted and therefore any impact on the schedule or older horses. This should allow players the ability to not only have a friendly race with friends but also help provided additional race opportunities and nice purses.

One twist that seems like it will play our well is a standing rotation of distances. After a decision is scheduled the next distance should be the one that will be scheduled in the queue.

Our expectation is that by uncoupling this with the horse generation we will be able to eliminate some of the concerns. We are uncertain just how much demand there will be for these races in addition to the normal schedule but will monitor it closely.

Link is under the racing menu item.
Updates 4/18/19 by sportofkings 1
4/19/2019 2:53:33 AM

Chat updated to the newest version the software. Please provide feedback as it's a relatively costly monthly contract. We had previously bought a permanent license but that is no longer supported with the newer versions of this software.
New: Instant Racing by sportofkings 1
4/15/2019 5:37:37 PM

Instant racing is a new format to try and give players an option to queue up for a race on demand to compete with fellow players. This is different than the request a race feature that you may have been familiar with.

Instant Racing has a few features that we hope will make it a success:

  1. A real time interface that shows you who currently has an entry in any of the 6 divisions.
  2. A brand new juvenile horse will be generated for each entry from the sales ring that will fall within the range of the conditions specified.
    • The horses will be identical to those from the sales ring except that they have should have a liking for the surface + distance grouping.

  3. The fees must be paid entirely in cash as the horse price is discounted and a cash purse is available.
  4. The races will be scheduled for only 5 minutes from the time the queue hits the correct level.
  5. The races will be run as Maiden races.
  6. You may remove any of your entries from the queue at any time w/o cost.

We expect this to be a viable alternative to purchasing from the sales ring and the price is reflective of the average cash price paid for a horse from the sales ring.


We had considered a few other options for pricing + purses but have landed on this as a first step to gauge interest. One option would be to charge the full $10 for a new horse but only award a token for a free horse for the winner. Currently the $12 fee and a $40 purse seems like a fun way to get a new horse to the stable.

*Technical Note
This has been tested but not executed with live stables, if there are any hiccups we will act to correct these issues asap.
Updates 4/9/19 by sportofkings 1
4/9/2019 4:18:41 PM

  • Added the ability to group retired horses. These groups will be held separately from the active groups.
  • Added rare sires to the evaluation list -- you need to deselect ineligible sires to see them.
Updates 4/8/19 by sportofkings 1
4/8/2019 10:36:05 PM

A cosmetic overhaul to the horse details page. It felt like the record and earnings were not the focus of the page so we have tweaked the layout. You may need to refresh the style to get the complete style (ctrl+f5)
Updates 4/1/19 by sportofkings 2
4/1/2019 10:18:35 PM

We are working on finalizing things for season 15

Items that should be wrapped up in the next day or two include some exciting things

  • We are still tweaking the season 15 schedule
  • Changed selected races to not split but offer a better ratio of claiming price to purse (updated race list and views to display indicator when the race will not split)
  • Breeding Awards / Bonus - this will be multi-factored. We are going to look at awarding a bonus equal to a fraction of the purse (paid in BC for now) to the breeding stable (non sales ring horses). We are also going to have a season long leaderboard that will begin season 15. Starting season 16 we will implement a cash prize to the stable that produces the most earnings as a breeder. [Note this will not impact purses or payouts but is an additional payout]

Updates 3/26/19 by sportofkings 1
3/26/2019 6:47:41 PM

Fixed an issue that allowed horses which should have been deemed too inbred to be bred.
Updates 3/10/19 by sportofkings 1
3/10/2019 10:38:03 PM

  • Fixed an issue with the season / lifetime win totals - everyone has been re-calculated
  • Added a small feature that may be of great use to many -- When entering a race there is a new default group called 'suggested' that will display all eligible horses with a matching surface & distance preference. The All is still available should you want to look deeper.
  • Behind the scenes improvements

Updates 3/7/19 by sportofkings 1
3/8/2019 3:35:50 AM

  • Added handicap rating range information to the future races page description section (bottom left of each race)
  • Adjusted the win filter column to better match what will be offered for season 15
Updates 3/2/2019 by sportofkings 1
3/3/2019 2:33:19 AM

  • Updated race results form to match the news feed form for a cleaner look that still contains all the information (but no need to expand it)
  • Tweaked race result image to show the full width
Updates 2/28/19 by sportofkings 1
2/28/2019 3:31:39 PM

  • New Player Sales listings are now capped at horses that have been pastured for 14 days (listings older than 14 days fall into the general pool). This will help narrow down the options and
  • We have also adjusted the price of horses to match that of the other stable manager sales. They are now $5.
  • Note that inactive horses from the regular SM are only $3 instead of $5.

  • Updated enter race page with an optimized script for detecting matching surface and distance preferences.
Updates 1/13/19 by sportofkings 1
1/13/2019 11:40:54 PM

  • Another fix to race splitting -- graded stakes races should no longer split (overlooked) and a fix to general races to handle the races that would split 3+ times. Hard cap at 4 splits for the time being.
  • Added a couple administrative functions to track race splits and genesis.

Updates 1/7/2019 by sportofkings 1
1/7/2019 4:05:11 PM

  • Added the deposit bonus credits to the transaction log rather than just the general log. Also changed the naming convention to be 'deposit bonus <processor>' so they are easier to find.

Updates 1/4/19 by sportofkings 1
1/5/2019 1:41:19 AM

  • Updated rating logic -- see https://www.sportofkings...ts&m=26060#post26060
  • Found a bug in the scheduler that set some of the 0-75 handicaps to gold tokens rather the silver
  • February and Finals scheduled
  • February sees us split the 0-75 rating group up to 55-65 and 65-75. Lower division will be dropped to bronze tokens and the 65-75 will stay as silver.
  • Updated the race entry page to filter training times and race times by horses eligible for the handicap level (if there is one)
Significant Milestones by sportofkings 1
12/31/2018 10:37:05 PM

Season 13 saw the site eclipse some big milestones

Lifetime Purses: $500,000

Races: 20,000

Horses: 40,000

Congratulations to everyone and a thanks for continuing to make this game a success.
Stamina by sportofkings 3
12/19/2018 3:53:19 PM

There is a feature in place that you may not know about.

If you look the race history, for a horse you own, you can load the 'pp chart'. Doing so will open up a page that displays some information that can be useful when evaluating a horse's result.


The last number on this page indicates the remaining stamina for the horse when it completed the race. This is available elsewhere but this provides a nice quick overview for you.