Recent Updates

Season 13 Finals are posted. We are going to see a massive boost in overall purse money this year, each final will carry a total purse of $1300. An additional cash element has been included along with a large amount of bonus money to create the big jump. The reason is that we are finally seeing players use up most of their bonus money and we can begin to ramp up the amount being offered again.
Deposit Bonus Active by sportofkings 1
10/24/2018 8:28:55 PM

100% Matching for deposits (up to $2500) via our new crypto-currency processor. Expires 11/5/2018
We have added the functionality to make deposits via crypto-currency. The instructions can be found on the page and it's accessible via the deposit screen. Withdrawals via this method are available as well.

The exchange rates found on and will be used.
The October schedule has been posted.

We are monitoring how many races are going off and field size to see if we can condense the number of races to increase individual purses.
Best of luck to all the entrants.

We are off to a cracking start with some expected favorites not able to get the job done and Nemesis Stud proving once again that his planning efforts will pay off at the end of the season. Graham continually puts in the work and it's showing, congrats!
7/23/18 by sportofkings 1
7/23/2018 3:14:35 PM

  • When a horse is purchased it should be returned from the resting state.
  • August scheduled
Bonus giveaway active through the 4th

claim here

We have also activated the deposit bonus until the end of the promotion.
Mid Season Update by sportofkings 1
7/3/2018 2:12:18 PM

Just past the halfway mark in the season and we are once again seeing record participation numbers:

2yr olds
Season # Runs
12 4332
11 6389

3yr olds
Season # Runs
12 2615
11 2913

4yr olds
Season # Runs
12 1403
11 2399

Congratulations to everyone and thanks for continuing to help push us forward. It's important for everyone to keep things in perspective and realize that more runners means more competition and it becomes increasingly harder to not only win races but to do so with any consistency.

Also, yearlings are available for purchase as of the first of the month.
Season Long Contest by sportofkings 2
6/3/2018 6:40:52 PM

This is something the owners have been inquiring about for quite some time so I think it's past time we offer some incentives to our top players.

The top 2 stables in both Wins and Earnings (4 total prizes) for the season will earn the right to pick a rare sire to breed with.

This will work like the standard breeding rights.
We are removing the win class grouping from the speed rating calculation. I don't like the way the maidens are seemingly faster than other races, and it doesn't make sense to continue to keep that artificial adjustment in place any longer.

What this means for the players:moving forward the speed ratings will be lower for the restricted win classes, but it will be equally compared across all racing (except allowance). It should be a more useful and meaningful identifier and also be more in line with what experienced handicappers would know.
June Schedule Posted by sportofkings 1
5/4/2018 2:35:19 AM

The June schedule has been posted with the promised adjustments.

1) Increased the number of monthly offerings in a structured rotation that should provide 4 racing opportunities per month for most horses. This does mean we significantly increased the number of races offered so there's been a minor reduction in purses. This will be monitored to see how the players respond and fill the schedule, or not. The autosplit feature makes this all very tricky to get right. Even before the auto-split function adds on this is a really big bump in monthly purse money so we are putting faith in the players respond and continued growth.

2) Increased general token purses with matching bonus credits. This appears to create a nicely structured two tier system for standard races.

3) In line with #1 we now have a bit more variety in purses throughout the month to try and help owners pick out the best races for their horses.

*other updates
1) tweaked race details page to load significantly faster with larger fields

2) There will now be different purse levels offered for many types of races throughout the month as we expand the offerings.
UI Tweaks by sportofkings 1
4/22/2018 9:24:25 PM

  • Updated the race results / preview pages to make them consistent and add a bit of style to them.
  • Added an indicator on those pages if a horse was claimed (shown to the left of earnings)
  • Enlarged the post draw bibs and removed the shadow to simplify them a bit.
  • Modified race results on details page (moved around trophies and pp blankets)
  • Horse's trophy case is now visible by default
  • Trophy case is visible to non-owners now
  • Trophy case restyling to match updated page
  • Links to stakes event list and racing calendar (condition book) added back to the news list.
  • Added ranking boxes for horses to the profile pages
We are running a bit short on this kind of talent, and hours, so if anyone wants to do a writeup for an upcoming BC race (200 words minimum) I will compensate them with 1 horse token per race. Limit one per race and it's first come first serve. Please email them to along with the raceid or name and maybe post here to let others know you have done one so we don't get a lot of duplication. This is open to players in the race or not.

I will post each one to the blog and feature at least one on a facebook promotion for the site.
Graham reminded us that we had not been paying enough attention to the blog. We have posted the season 11 horse awards!


Thanks to everyone for playing this season and we look forward to bigger and better next season and beyond.
Season 12 Changes by sportofkings 2
4/10/2018 10:22:34 PM

We will keep a running thread here of any changes being made for season 12

  • Added 3yr old allowance race series (in addition to existing schedule)
  • Named races will now feature additional added money
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing the qualifiers and finals from being named 'sprint, classic, etc'
  • May schedule posted
  • Auto-split code is firing [minimumnumhorses x 2 + 5] (non champ races) -- this should reduce concerns about the large fields as it handles this problem nicely.
  • Also added handling to move claims from the original race to the new one if the horse moves.
  • In response to recent questions about qualifying points and races not filling we realized that we need to change the points system to encourage people to compete for the top points rather than penalize races that don't fill up. We are working on an adjustment but the likely result will be to always distribute the maximum amount of points (regardless of how many are in the race). Example: 1st place is always worth 25 points, 2nd always worth 20 etc. I'd like to find a way to weight the races as we get closer to the end of the season but that is going to be complicated to explain and implement.

  • Updated the points for qualifiers (first place will be worth 40 points)
  • added a dozen or so new headshots
  • re-indexed the database and did some tweaks. Should run a little bit faster.
Race Splitting by sportofkings 2
3/27/2018 11:57:10 PM

I will be developing and implementing logic this evening that will automatically split races (with 6 or fewer minimum horses) as they are closed which have (minimum number of horses * 2 + 6) or more entrants. The second race will have the same purse as the original instance with the exception of the championship series (I'm still working on how we are going to accommodate for that).

This is paving the way for us to lower the max # of runners in a race down to 14-16 again. As I work through the math I will update on what is feasible.
Updates 3/23/18 by sportofkings 1
3/23/2018 4:34:12 PM

  • Updated the horse card look
  • Updated the popup card as well for horses
  • Fixed a broken reference to an image for the race results
  • Tweaked the spacing on the recent races for the popup card
  • Updated the styling on the pp sheets to match
Migration Complete by sportofkings 1
3/23/2018 12:33:17 AM

The migration is completed. We will be pushing out an update to the viewer to allow it to use the new server. In the meantime we have configured it to support the existing versions of the viewer for the next 7 days.
K L Patton Juvenile by sportofkings 1
3/20/2018 3:47:09 AM

The K L Patton Juvenile which will feature two year olds going a mile and a quarter has been scheduled for 4/21/2018 @ 5:00 PM.

This race will require a platinum token and be timed between the last qualifier and the finals.
SOK Pacific Classisc by sportofkings 1
3/20/2018 2:18:50 AM

The SOK Pacific Classic which will feature three year olds going a mile and a quarter has been scheduled for 4/21/2018 @ 3:30 PM.

This race will require a platinum token and be timed between the last qualifier and the finals.