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New Player Guide

The first thing you will notice is that there are a lot of things to do, but don't get overwhelmed, we will guide you through the initial phase of racing your horses. This is a recommended guide that players may follow to help guide them on their way to creating a dominant racing and/or breeding stable.

Step 1: Your First Horse(s)

First things first, you will need horses to race. We have given you 1 token with which you may purchase a new horse to compete in our races. In order to use them follow these instructions

  • Navigate to Market > Sales Ring or click here to open in a new window
  • Note that your horse will randomly assigned a gender; hence the mixed designation.
  • Select a horse name, this may be changed up until the horse records it's first start.
  • Choose the number of horses - you should select 1, anything more than that will deduct additional funds from your balance.
  • Select the number of tokens you wish to use, we recommend you using 1 tokens for each horse you are creating, thus equaling a free purchase.
  • The total cost will update to reflect the number of horses selected to purchase with the credit for the tokens used deducted.
  • Once your order is complete, click 'purchase horses' and the sales ring agent will locate horses that meet your criteria and send them to your stable! You will notice that a link to the horses will appear below which you may click on to view your newly purchased horses.

Optional Step: Deposit Bonus


As a new player you are eligible for our $100 bonus for your first deposit.  This bonus money can be put towards new horses, horse evaluation, breeding evaluation, and much more!

Step 2: Training

Now that we have a horse or three in our stables we should find out what kind of runners they are! This is probably the most difficult task for all trainers and while easy to learn, is very difficult to master. The instructions below will give you a tutorial on how to train your horses for the first time.

  • Open up your stable page via Stable > My Horses or click here to open in a new window - This is probably the most frequently visited page by all our players as it provides a great overview of your currently active horses.
  • Training is an important element of the game that helps in identifying a horses likes and dislikes, but it also helps with horse growth.
  • You will notice the second to last column contains a lightning bolt which we will click on to being training an individual horse.
  • You will now be able to setup your training run.  You can look at the sire's data to get an idea what kind of horse this is or you can simply pick a surface and distance and do the workout.
  • Now this is an area that varies greatly from trainer to trainer as to how to go about discovering how far a horse should run and over what surfaces and conditions it likes to race. We recommend to new players that they make their initial train with these settings:
  • Surface + Conditions: Dirt Fast
  • Distance: shorter - such as 1000m. The shorter distances are easier to evaluate and every horse should be able to cover the 1000m without becoming tired.
    • As horses run out of stamina they become tired and run significantly slower.
  • Click on train
Your result will be listed, with a summary first, followed by detailed information below. For now you can ignore the growth charts, but can find more information on that in the help section.

Step 3: How do I know what a good time is?

Training times are going to be slower than race times (most of the time) and so it is important to not compare them evenly to race times.  At this point you have multiple options to evaluate the times: 
  • Check the remaining stamina!  If the horse has lots of energy left he / she probably wants to go further.  If the horse is on 10% or less then this is probably the maximum distance it should run.
  • Use the leaderboard times for the 2yr olds under leaderboards
  • Compare against other horses in your stable - since you presumably only have one other horse so this can be challenging, but you can use stable.
  • The third option is to look at maiden race times and compare against that, this is the preferred method
    • Alternatively you could goto the track and ask other players to try and compare your times
  • The final option is to use our premium features for a more detailed analysis of your stable's horses
    • We strongly suggest purchasing premium access for your stable.  This will provide you with summarized information about your stable and the global data.
Once you have analyzed and decided what surface(s) a horse prefers you should uncheck the boxes from the ones that don't match in your preferences filter and then click 'set preferences'. One note of caution, a horses preferences can certainly change as it ages so you will have to occasionally check to see how it progressing naturally. You also must note that training a horse on any given surface + condition (or going) may result in improvement by that horse up to it's maximum ability!

Step 4: FAQ

It is important that as you explore new features of the game or have questions that you refer to the FAQ.  This is a living document that is frequently updated with questions from our player base and will likely have an answer for you!

Step 5: Entering a Race

Now that you have the basics down and an understanding of your horse(s) the final step we will cover in this introduction is finding a race:

  • There are multiple ways to find races for your horses, but we will start with the most basic. Open up the details on one of your newly trained horses and let's review the horse preferences section.
  • The first thing that you must have is a 'category' of racing selected, they are as follows:
    • Claimer: this is the easiest level of racing. A large majority of horses will end up at this level
    • Stakes: This is the middle level of major racing and contains the bulk of the racing schedule (besides claiming) and is comprised of better than average horses
    • Championship: This division is filled with the best of the best and these races are generally either Invitationals, Derby's, or Championships. The championship schedule is detailed in our help section.
  • One of these division must be selected in order for your horse to find any races, often multiple divisions are chosen.
  • Next we must select distances, often horses have a range of distances they can run. This is very trainer specific and will vary greatly from person to person and horse to horse.
  • Our final step in preparation is that we must have at least one surface + condition (going) selected in order to find matching races, so use your horses training times to help identify those.
  • Now that we have our preferences set, we can click on the RACE button and it will bring up a list of races matching our criteria - find one that you like and click enter, and then confirm if that is what you want.
After confirming your race entry you will be directed back to the enter race page and you will see a list of other options from your stable that match the conditions of the race.  If you are a premium member you will also see the top training times and race times for your stable of horses who are eligible at these conditions.
  • One important thing to note about this page is that to the right of the 'enter race' you will see icons, a D (which means the distance matches the horses preferences) and a S (which means that the surface type is a match).