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Breeding Page Overhauled

Breeding This is a key element to the long term success and enjoyment of this game and therefore we


This is a key element to the long term success and enjoyment of this game and therefore we have dedicated much of the last 30 days working on improvement the interface and user experience when it comes to breeding and breeding related items.  We know just how important this area is and want it to be an enjoyable and engaging experience.

The first thing of note is that we have added a totally unique feature in that owners can now sell breeding rights to their horses privately to other owners.  This means they do not have to make their breeding stock publicly available in order to allow other owners to breed to them.

Breeding Page

We have updated the breeding page to not only include user selectable filters such as distance or surface preferences but very useful description and explanations of the basics.  Allowing users to search by the distance of the sire or broodmare allows for much quicker discovery of the desired horse.

Sire / Mare Standings Page

This is probably one of the most important pages we have when it comes to identifying a sire (we have a similar page for mares) for your breeding pairing.  There are all kinds of ways to filter this data and we expect players to spend hours combing through the data as the pools grow and breeding becomes a prominent feature of the game.  Each of these columns could be considered important and therefore they are each sortable.  We realize there is even more data that could be put on this page but we had to stop somewhere and the other information is available on the individual horse details page.  One feature that is brand new is the display of the surface (if it's been flagged as a turf horse you will see the turf symbol) and / or the distance preference badges.

Breeding Evaluator

This is often the final step before confirming a breeding and is one of our most popular features.  It has seen a tremendous amount of work go into redesigning the interface.  We have also added a number of filter options that make identifying a horse significantly faster.

We are constantly striving to improve the game and your experience playing it.  We look forward to seeing what you do with the updated breeding features and hearing your feedback.

Until next time,