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In an effort to help new players get oriented to the game I wanted to provide a basic time guide.  The following information is aggregated data that is an approximate average of the times at each respective distance.  There are a few distances that are not here, but this will get you started.

A few things that you should know before you get started is that most horses will improve as they age and after their first race.  Training times are impacted by a number of factors, including the fitness of the horse, number of recent races, and time since most recent race or public work.

Time Chart

1000m 1200m 1400m 1600m 2000m 2400m 2850m 3200m
60.7 72.83 85.79 98.35 123.81 151.5 180.74 204.23



As you can see, the rule of 12s per furlong (200m) is generally acceptable for the shorter distances and provides a good starting point for a new player.  The more advanced trainers will use the premium features on the site, which includes average winning time (per distance) and a page that allows the trainer to explore their top training times by age group.