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Horse Racing Online

Our players get the chance to experience what it is like to own your very own thoroughbred stable and race online against players from all over the globe for lucrative prize pools.

Built specifically for the owners

Our game is built by a team of people who used to play many of the other online virtual racing games. We have created a game that is designed to challenge our trainers, but also to provide an enjoyable experience. We like to say that it is easy to learn but impossible to master.

Live Auctions

Sport of Kings features many ways to buy or sell a horse, but none is more exciting than our live auction system that allows for thousands of players to participate in auction action!

3D Race Viewer

We were the first online horse racing game to take advantage of the Unity 3D platform. This environment provides stellar graphics and race replays for our trainers. Horse racing online has never been this exciting or enjoyable.

Realistic Simulation

Horse Racing Online

Realistic Horses

Like no other we have incredibly detailed blood lines and realistic horse growth.

  • Our virtual horses are uniquely modeled to act and grow like real life horses which allow for unexpected surprises to be had by even the savviest of trainers.
  • Horses mature at different rates dynamically throughout their life.
  • Our horses also exhibit specific race day tendencies that can be seen from the front runners to the deep closers.
  • Trainers can influence that growth through their actions.
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Unique Experience

Built for Enjoyment

  • We work hard to ensure that our players enjoy playing our online virtual racing game. We have removed much of the monotony and provide summary data when possible.
  • Trainer input is vital to the success of the horse and skill is the majority factor in determining long term success.
  • Each season lasts 4 months meaning most horses can race every week.
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Virtual Horse Racing Stables
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Championship Racing

Our championship series offers in excess of $10,000 per season in added money

  • The championship series consists of a series of qualifiers followed up by an invite only final.
  • We offer six unique divisions for each age group including separate races for dirt and turf horses.
  • The championship series is handicapped which means that it offers massive purses and the most level playing field you will find.
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Horse Sales

We offer a multitude of ways to acquire or sell your horses.

  • Live Auctions: Our monthly auctions offer a chance to showcase your horse to the entire game population and create a bidding war or find a gem of a horse for a discount price.
  • Private sales offer stables the chance to quickly sell a horse to another trainer.
  • Claiming races offer savvy trainers a chance to find the next championship horse.
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