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Juvenile's Turn Promise Into Reality

Sprinters Illiterate bunch has two horses sitting a top the juvenile dirt sprint championship standi


Illiterate bunch has two horses sitting a top the juvenile dirt sprint championship standings in Simply Still and Piel Roja


In the latest dirt sprint qualifier Piel Roja pulled away in the stretch for a solid neck win over the competition.  This gelding has 2 wins out of three starts and has a win a both 6 and 7 furlongs.  He's a sales ring horse out of Indian Charlie and looks to follow in the steps of Lucky Jake and Paul Simon before him.



 In the dirt division there are two winners sitting in pole position: Darbee (Harlan's Holiday) from King of Thrones; and Ride of the Valkyries (Ride on Curlin x Evita) from Nemesis Stud.  This looks like, as it always is, it's going to be a competitive division.  With the final being contested over a mile it may change the dynamics a bit with Darbee holding the 2nd and 3rd fastest time this season for the group.


 The turf stayers has a horse topping the leaderboard with two qualifier victories to her name already in Rich and Powerful (Fame and Power x Beebe) out of Black Cat Racing's barn.  She cost a mere $21 to bring to life and is a perfect three for three and already has a lifetime earnings just shy of $150.  What a value!

True Blue Stables goes 1-2 in a promising maiden race   Double Sudan fli


Double Sudan flies down the stretch to beat stablemate Chase for True Blue Stables.  Chase controlled the pace of the race and looked a good value coming into the stretch but his stable mate got the better of him just in time.  It took Double Sudan 6 tries to break his maiden but after coming through this horses looks like he can win just about any race if he gets the right setup.

Platinum Trials Classic lives up to the billing

In a $400 race that was sure to attract a top field we saw a home bred grey horse with only one life

In a $400 race that was sure to attract a top field we saw a home bred grey horse with only one lifetime win get the jump on his competition to claim the massive purse.  Ranch Hamburg sent Waldpark into the deep end to face classy horses such as Quality Drama and Soft as Ice.  Waldpark who had been winless in his last five attempts was hot on the betting board, despite trying the surface for the first time, and backed it up with a good win.  The resulting time makes one wonder just how strong this field really was, only time will tell.




Season 11 Recap

I just wanted to provide everyone with a status update of just how successful season 11 was for the

I just wanted to provide everyone with a status update of just how successful season 11 was for the site. 

While we essentially broke even in terms of profitability we were able to pay out over $22,000 in non-bonus earnings last season alone! That's a whopping 78% increase in prize money from the previous season. That puts us on target to potentially break 100k for 2018 which is a huge step forward for the site. 


The championship series is an astounding value for players at this point in time.
There were $900 in tokens used last season to enter the various qualifiers along with $1,300 in nominations for a total of $2,200 used towards the series. That's roughly 22% of the $10,029.55 that was paid out, simply an outstanding value and a great reason for anyone to get involved.

Top Stable
 Anfield Road $6,717  

Horse Data
We had the largest two year old crop of horses since changing to a subscription format with 1581 sales ring horses and 720 home breds (2301). The homebreds earned an average of $12.99 with a whopping $29.88 per starter! Those are massive numbers when you consider most of those horses have at least 2 more seasons of racing to go. You will not find another site with those kind of figures.

Thanks to everyone involved and we look forward to continuing to improve what we can offer you as an entertainment experience.

Champions Cup Preview: Senior Sprint

-by Anfield Road [View Race] Qualifier Standings Rank   Runs Points   #1  F

-by Anfield Road

[View Race]

Qualifier Standings

Rank   Runs Points  
#1  Fantastic Light Nemesis Stud 3 18
#2  Wind Energy Black Cat Racing 3 17
#3 Energetic Chant Black Cat Racing 3 13
#4 Empress Of Sage Anfield Road 1 7  
#4 Awesome Venture Nemesis Stud 2 7
#6  Rubis Preacherman Ranch Hamburg 2 6
#7  Union City Blues Nemesis Stud 2 4
#7 Claires Zoomer Rubi Rocks 2 4


Previous Winner: RACE NOT RUN

With just 2 outstanding runners, this race is open to all the field to push for the money. All bar one horse running off 126lb makes it very interesting and a challenge to pick the winners!

4 yr Rubis Preacherman Ranch Hamburg 4 - 4 - 2 - 6 – 6
Carrying 126lb
Recently acquired from the Stable manager, Rubi only had to run in 1 qualli to get a bonus for this horse. A 4-year-old already run in 36 races with just 3 wins shows how difficult he has found it at this level. Never far away, but agonisingly always falls short. Having owned this horse, I was always under the impression he just didn’t have the desire or heart to get his nose in front. He will be there about, close, but no cigar!!

8 yr Fantastic Light Nemesis Stud 2 - 3 - 1 - 1 - 3
Carrying 128lb
A very likeable horse, which is unfortunately gelded,
so this will be his last race. As with all stalwarts, we all wish for that final hooray and I feel he still has the class to complete this mission. With only an additional 2lb on his back I see no reason for him to falter against a field he has beaten on a few occasions this season. Such a shame his best form comes at the end of his career, but looking back, he has mixed with the best horses this site has to offer.

5 yr Awesome Venture Nemesis Stud 7 - 1 - 3 - 6 – 3
Carrying 126lb
Second from the top stable of Nemesis Stud. A decent run last time out shows she is capable of putting in a good performance. She will be toward the front all the way and if things drop right she has a small squeak at winning but more realistic for the places.

5 yr Union City Blues Nemesis Stud 6 - 4 - 1 - 6 – 4
Carrying 126lb
Very similar to Awesome Venture and from the same stable. Always there about without taking charge. Runs the complete opposite to the mentioned horse in that she loves to remain at the rear and use the final 2 sections to close. Her finishes are under 12 seconds, which means she usually runs out of track at the line. May be worth trying 1600 for her in the future

4 yr Claires Zoomer Rubi Rocks 6 - 5 - 7 - 2 – 3
Carrying 126lb
Decent enough in graded races but struggles at this level. Looks a better turf horse but earnt the right to be in the final. Again, can’t see her troubling the main protagonists.

8 yr Energetic Chant Black Cat Racing 3 - 5 - 3 - 2 – 5
Carrying 126lb
Another 8year old that seems to have found life at the top end of his career easier than the beginning. Very competitive in this year’s qualifying races, and although only 5th last time out he was only half a length away, so given a better ride or a little more luck in running he could well be in the reckoning at the line. Looking at his sections, I can’t help but think he struggles with the final 200M and loses his races there, so he needs to save a little to get anything from this.

8 yr Wind Energy Black Cat Racing 6 - 2 - 3 - 1 – 5
Carrying 126lb
Yet again, another nice horse finding his hooves at the twilight of his career. Results of 3rd, 2nd and then 1st in 3 quallies show he has to be respected and one of the favourites for thus race. Wind energy is going to lead all the way and pray the finishing line comes before the onslaught!! His 3 races show his final splits of exactly 12 seconds, meaning he holds his form all the way to the line and it will be up to the others to finish faster than him!!


Wind Energy
Fantastic Light
Energetic Chant

Champions Cup Preview: Senior Turf Mile

-by Anfield Road [View Race] Qualifier Standings Rank   Runs Points   #1  O

-by Anfield Road

[View Race]

Qualifier Standings

Rank   Runs Points  
#1  One Fast Cat Lanes End Farm 3 14
#1  Kookoolachoo Lanes End Farm 3 14
#3  Dominator Nemesis Stud 2 12
#4  Top Cat Bob Baffert 2 8
#5  Tango Kat Nemesis Stud 2 7
#5  Pope In Heels Bob Baffert 2 7
#7 Lets Sprint Green As Grass 1 3  
#7  Quality Hat Bob Baffert 2 3
#9  Rainbow Quest Anfield Road 2 2


Previous Winner: Pope in Heels, Bob Baffert
With the field having won over $2400 this is a quality race and the result will come down to small details. Really looking forward to this one!!! There are just 4lbs between top and bottom weight, but the field are so closely matched it be the deeming factor. 

5 yr Quality Hat Bob Baffert 1 - 2 - 6 - 7 – 6
In the money in 4 of his 5 qualifying races, winning one along the way. Not quite on the same level of consistency as a couple of these and appears that additional weight goes against his running style, so he may miss out on top prize. However, he holds his form right up to the line and has swapped places with several of these so can easily come out on top with a decent run. Loves to run up with the pace, he will give himself a chance come the end.

4 yr Top Cat Bob Baffert 1 - 6 - 4 - 2 – 3
Not felt the winning feeling since October last season but has still amassed a nice $370 in prize money. This seasons form has dropped a level and he doesn’t look like he will be competing at the end. He may be retiring after this race if he doesn’t pick his form up again.

4 yr One Fast Cat Lanes End Farm 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 – 1
Winner of the 3-year-old final, this is a top-quality animal carrying top weight. Won an amazing $660, winning 9 out of 14 races. To confirm this horses’ stature, she is the 5th ranked horse currently running on the site. Won her last race by just a neck last time out, over this distance and going, will the 1lb make a difference this time around? A few of these finalists have beaten each other over the season, but I would make her my favourite today.

4 yr Kookoolachoo Lanes End Farm 3 - 7 - 1 - 5 – 2
Winning over $400, this mare has talent and over this distance and going has the beating of some of these. So closely matched with the rest, she will challenge One Fast Cat for the lead, where I hope they don’t blow each other out as I am expecting a blanket finish and a possible dead heat. This race really does depend on who leads and sets the fractions and who can handle just a little more weight.

4 yr Dominator Nemesis Stud 3 - 3 - 2 - 2 – 1
Only finished out of the money on 1 occasion in 14 races, earning over $350. Again, his recent form has seen him take on the same horses and proving to be among the best of them at this level. His trainer has given him every chance of a win by getting him to the final off bottom weight and that could quite easily be the difference between these animals. Has the endurance to run further so his stamina wont be tested but will he use it to his benefit? Will sit mid pack and close like the preverbal express train, almost a half second faster than some of the others, will he be close enough to benefit from that kick?

4 yr Tango Kat Nemesis Stud 1 - 7 - 3 - 2 – 5
$554 in earnings and an overall rank of 8th shows just what a top-quality mare this is. Her trainer has once again been astute and run her in just 3 races this season and more importantly ensuring she doesn’t carry any additional weight in the final. She won last season turf sprint final, her trainer chose to go the classic route this season. I don’t think she is quite as good at 1600 as some of these and may be tapped for speed at the end.


Wow how hard is this race to predict!!!!
One Fast Cat

Champions Cup Preview: Juvenile Marathon - 1 3/4 Mile

-by Chaos Rules [View Race] Qualifier Standings Rank   Runs Points   #1  He

-by Chaos Rules

[View Race]

Qualifier Standings

Rank   Runs Points  
#1  Here Comes Unbridled Kid Anfield Road 4 55
#2  Isfahan Ranch Hamburg 3 45
#3  Cadbury Bob Baffert 3 40
#4 Eastern Prophet Rubi Rocks 4 31
#5 The Kurgan Nemesis Stud 2 30
#5  A P On The Grass Green As Grass 3 30
#7  Monarch Of Speightstown Black Cat Racing 2 28
#7  Unlimited Blessings Bob Baffert 3 28
#7 Dockers Footwear Black Cat Racing 3 28
#10 Enemy Of The State Nemesis Stud 3 26
#11  Stroll In The Rain Anfield Road 2 24
#12 The World illiterate bunch 3 21


Staying is the name of the game in the finale to the juvenile championships which normally would rule out Here comes Unbridled Kid but he is classy and carrying a penalty is more likely to be his undoing rather than lack of stamina. He is Anfield Road's main hope with Stroll In The Rain being one of the favourites for the turf marathon.
Ranch Hamburg's Isfahan holds the track record over 1 1/2m good but she doesn't stay either.

Unlimited Blessings main event is the classic over 1 1/4m and Bob Bafferts other contender Cadbury doesn't stay either!

Illiterate Bunch sends out maiden The World who at least will see the trip out but it's unclear whether he is really good enough.

One who will get the trip doing handstands is The Kurgan from Nemesis Stud but he too does not look quite up to winning this and stablemate Enemy Of The State looks a better proposition.

Green As Grass sends out A P On The Grass who gets the trip and finished a fraction ahead of Enemy Of The State when they last met and just the same tiny fraction behind was Eastern Prophet from Rubi Rocks. Of this trio Enemy Of The State is best in as the other two are now penalised for winning since.
Of the two Black Cat Racing horses Dockers Footwear also won't stay and although Monarch Of Speightstown definitely will she has two lengths to find on Here Comes Unbridled Kid and has no weight pull having won a qualifier since.

A trappy affair that looks hard to predict.

PREDICTED ODDS: ENEMY OF THE STATE 4/1, Here comes unbridled kid 5/1, Monarch of speightstown 11/2, A p on the grass 6/1, Eastern Prophet 13/2, The World 8/1, The Kurgan 10/1, Isfahan & Dockers Footwear 12/1, Cadbury 16/1, 20/1 bar

Champions Cup Preview: Juvenile Classic - 1 1/4 Mile

-by Chaos Rules [View Race] Qualifier Standings Rank   Runs Points   #1 Frankell

-by Chaos Rules

[View Race]

Qualifier Standings

Rank   Runs Points  
#1 Frankell Rubi Rocks 4 41
#2  Quality Drama Anfield Road 3 38
#3 Bridled Song Green As Grass 4 33
#4 Sin Duda illiterate bunch 3 25
#5  Motzie Bob Baffert 2 23
#6 The Accountant Nemesis Stud 3 19
#7  Modern Nation Black Cat Racing 3 17
#7  Busterwarwick Anfield Road 3 17
#9  Unlimited Blessings Bob Baffert 2 16
#9 Scouse Honour Anfield Road 3 16
#9 Miesque Rubi Rocks 4 16
#12  Monarch Of The Glen Black Cat Racing 2 15


A superb cast lines up for this feature event headed by Quality Drama from Anfield Road. This one holds the track record over 1 & 1/8m but was surely drawing deep on reserves and won't see this trip out. It is a similar scenario for stablemates Busterwarwick and Scouse Honour.

Motzie trained by Bob Baffert has just over three lengths to find on Quality Drama in that record breaking run and over this trip she may just be able to do it. Unlimited Blessings is Bobs second representative and this is his first preference not the marathon. Fresh from a close third in KL Patton juvenile he is expected to go well here. Sin Duda from Illiterate Bunch finished eighth in the same race which would appear to give him a mountain to climb here although his previous second to Modern Nation over trip and going looks good form and it could be he is not too keen on fast ground.

The Accountant from Nemesis Stud clearly loves the trip but has two and three lengths to find on running against Bridled Song and Unlimited Blessings respectively back in February.

Bridled Song is from Green As Grass stable. This one will have no trouble with trip or going and demonstrated his versatility with an excellent fourth in the Turf Monster Stakes on Firm going.

Frankell and Miesque both run for Rubi Rocks. Based on their latest outing both are extremely unlikely to last home.

Modern Nation is the first of Black Cat Racings duo. This one has improved markedly from the start of the season culminating in a easy win in the last qualifier over trip and going. This is the stables main hope as Monarch Of The Glen is another with stamina issues.

A tricky puzzle to solve as plenty have claims in a wide open race.

PREDICTED ODDS: UNLIMITED BLESSINGS 5/1, Modern Nation 6/1, Motzie 7/1, Bridled Song 15/2, The Accountant 8/1, Quality Drama 9/1, Sin Duda 12/1, Frankell 16/1, Miesque 20/1, 33/1 bar

Champions Cup Preview: Juvenile Turf Classic - 1 Mile

-by Chaos Rules [View Race] Qualifier Standings Rank   Runs Points   #1 English

-by Chaos Rules

[View Race]

Qualifier Standings

Rank   Runs Points  
#1 English Armada Anfield Road 4 44
#2  Who Knows illiterate bunch 4 41
#3  Saturns Kitten Black Cat Racing 3 30
#4  Cosmic Destiny Nemesis Stud 2 27
#5 Five Dollars Bob Baffert 4 26
#6 Englands Dreaming NPMJ Racing 3 24
#7  Sonic Kitten Black Cat Racing 2 22
#8 Waldpark Ranch Hamburg 3 21
#9 R T F Flying Down To Rio Black Cat Racing 2 19
#9 Chancellor Nemesis Stud 2 19
#11 Funk Lanes End Farm 3 17
#11 Liverpool Tremor Anfield Road 3 17


English Armada is the clear pick of the Anfield Road duo for the premier juvenile classic having shown vastly superior form to maiden Liverpool Tremor but does have a touch of seconditis and is likely to find one or two too good for him again.

Waldpark hails from Ranch Hamburg stable and despite taking ten runs to lose his maiden tag he ran an excellent third to Saturns Kitten and English Armada in the dress rehearsal for this final in his subsequent start and could be coming to hand at the right time.

Maiden Five Dollars runs for Bob Baffert and looks to have a tough task as does Funk another maiden this time from Lanes End Farm.

Who Knows takes his chance for Illiterate Bunch. He clearly can mix it with the best but would prefer a stiffer test of stamina.

Nemesis Stud runs two, Cosmic Destiny and Chancellor and in truth its hard to split them on form. Both should go well but neither expected to take the title.

The field is made up by a trio of runners from Black Cat Racing. On all known form inexpensive purchase Flying Down To Rio will have her hands full trying to keep tabs on the two daughters of Kitten Courage. Splitting these two though looks a tough task. Sonic Kitten, another smart purchase, came out a neck ahead in the rehearsal for this final and they reoppose on identical terms but perhaps homebred Saturns Kitten has the greater scope for improvement.
A thrilling spectacle in prospect in arguably the most open and competitive race of these championships.

PREDICTED ODDS: SATURNS KITTEN 5/2, Sonic Kitten 11/4, English Armada 9/2, Waldpark 5/1, Cosmic Destiny 6/1, Chancellor 13/2, Who Knows 7/1, Five Dollars 10/1, Flying Down to Rio 12/1, Funk 18/1, Liverpool Tremor 20/1

Champions Cup Preview: Juvenile Sprint - 7f

-by Chaos Rules [View Race] Qualifier Standings Rank   Runs Points   #1  Pa

-by Chaos Rules

[View Race]

Qualifier Standings

Rank   Runs Points  
#1  Passion At Midnight Bob Baffert 4 51
#2  Legendary Star Ranch Hamburg 3 44
#3  Seattle Slew I NPMJ Racing 3 31
#3 Vindication I Rubi Rocks 3 31
#5 Lucky Speed Ranch Hamburg 4 30
#6 Mean Machine Nemesis Stud 3 28
#7 Sea The Moon Ranch Hamburg 3 26
#8  Scousers Lady Anfield Road 4 24
#8 Wiener Walzer Ranch Hamburg 3 24
#10  Legendary Indian Anfield Road 3 23
#11 Liverpool Judgment Anfield Road 4 22
#11 Monarch Of The Isles Black Cat Racing 2 22


Another presitigious final but with many of the contenders having stamina issues perhaps not as competitive as appears at first glance.The field is headed by three from Anfield Road but with Scousers Lady, Legendary Indian and Liverpool Judgement all lacking the stamina for this we shall have to look elsewhere for the winner. 
Also triple-handed in this is Ranch Hamburg. Legendary Star will love the trip and has the class to win this even with a penalty but maiden Lucky Speed would need to improve dramatically. Sea The Moon has shown respectable form but should not finish in front of her more illustrious stablemate.
Bob Baffert sends out Passion At Midnight who is clearly very talented and will be thereabouts despite not truly staying this trip.
Mean Machine is a maiden from Nemesis Stud who has been campaigned over shorter. If he gets the trip he could take a hand in the finish.
Vindication1 represents Rubi Rocks and somewhat surprisingly after 14 attempts is still a maiden. Nonetheless he has run respectably over trip and going and at qualifier level and cannot be totally ruled out.
Monarch Of The Isles represents Black Cat Racing. Lightly raced she seems to be coming to hand at the right time. She ran an excellent fourth behind Legendary Star, Passion At Midnight and Vindication 1 in the last qualifier and has lively chances.
If he takes his chance here the very versatile Seattle Slew1, from NPMJ Racing, who won a qualifier over trip and going would be a serious contender.

PREDICTED ODDS: Legendary Star 3/1, Monarch Of The Isles 9/2, Seattle Slew1(with a run) 5/1, Passion At Midnight 6/1, Sea The Moon 7/1, Vindication1 10/1, Mean Machine 12/1, 20/1 bar