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Champions Cup Preview: Turf Marathon - 2400M

-by Anfield Road [View Race] Qualifier Standings Rank   Runs Points   #1  I

-by Anfield Road

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Qualifier Standings

Rank   Runs Points  
#1  Bulldog Breed Anfield Road 4 24
#2 Vice Marshal Anfield Road 4 11
#3 Mirai Green As Grass 2 10
#4  Cosmic Velocity Nemesis Stud 3 9
#4 Irrrelevant Nemesis Stud 2 9
#4  Tractor Boys Nemesis Stud 2 9
#7 Sqweaker Anfield Road 1 4  
#7 Lord Of The Kittens Nemesis Stud 2 4


Last seasons winner: RACE NOT RUN
One of 4 races where we will have an overwhelming favourite and fitting we start with the horse of the year Bulldog Breed.

Bulldog Breed Anfield Road 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 – 4
What can be said about this gentle monster that hasn’t already! 7 top class wins in a row, although recent defeat in the Pacific on dirt, took a little shine off her coming into the final. Back on turf, she cannot possibly be beaten; having brushed aside all todays runners on numerous occasions. However, her defeat in last seasons’ final to the re-opposing Tractor boys, may just be in her mind as she approached this race. Whatever happens she has done her trainer proud and given him some remarkable wins.

Vice Marshal Anfield Road 4 - 4 - 2 - 6 – 9
With 16 runs already under his belt and form dropping off in the last 5 races, I think his better days are behind him. Trainer will be dropping him into graded and claiming company next season and that reflects his chances today.

Irrrelevant Nemesis Stud 1 - 1 - 2 - 6 – 3
Winner of half his races, showing his best form over todays distance. Would have a few more wins and money if Bulldog wasn’t around, so done very well to be as consistent as he shown. His biggest win in the Woodruff Classic shows how talented he is and will push all the way for the places.

Cosmic Velocity Nemesis Stud 4 - 2 - 1 - 6 – 1
Take his 3200M races away and he posts similar form and results to another Nemesis runner, Irrelevant, winning his last 2 races at this distance. Shown consistency in a tough group and will also push for the places.

Tractor Boys Nemesis Stud 1 - 4 - 1 - 2 – 3
Last years Juvenile winner, somewhat of a surprise! Results appear to show he hasn’t kicked on this season, posting comparable times to his juvenile campaign, whereas others have sur-passed that level. I’m never going to write a proven champion off, but the stats show he is struggling this season. His best form is easily over 3200M and he will tapped for speed at this shorter staying distance.

Mirai Green As Grass 2 - 4 - 1 - 2 – 2
18 races to date and still as consistent as ever, being out of the money on just 2 occasions. Shown some good graded form and placed at championship level, although soundly beaten on both runs by Bulldog Breed. Hard to see him reversing form and at best see him competing with Nemesis Stud for the place money


Bulldog Breed
Cosmic Velocity

Champions Cup Preview: Classic - 2000M

-by Anfield Road [View Race] Qualifier Standings Rank   Runs Points   #1  W

-by Anfield Road

[View Race]

Qualifier Standings

Rank   Runs Points  
#1  Wise Dane Bob Baffert 3 18
#2  Dancing Brave Anfield Road 3 14
#3  Widowmaker Nemesis Stud 2 9
#4  Jadarose Black Cat Racing 3 8
#5  Battle Of The Beanfield Stetman 2 6
#6 Culloden Anfield Road 2 4
#7 Lead Zeplin Nemesis Stud 2 2

Last seasons winner – Judge Dread, Nemesis Stud

A small field, but an interesting open one with the omission of Wise Dane and Dancing Brave running first in the turf classic. Not the strongest but all these animals have earnt their place.

Dancing Brave Anfield Road 1 - 3 - 1 - 1 - 2 - 4
Failed to exert is presence at 2000M when tried in the Pacific Classic, but tried him without any adds, which very nearly worked out. Tremendous record with 8 top class wins from 13 runs and a very narrow loser of the Juvenile Classic last season, losing by a head. Carried his form into his 3 year campaign, racking up an impressive 7 wins in a row. Has to be top of an-yone’s list and will prove very difficult to get near on level weights. HOWEVER, he will run in the turf version first and will be hampered by turning out so quickly. Can he actually do what seems impossible??

Culloden Anfield Road 5 - 5 - 5 - 1 – 5
Never been top quality and only run in qualifiers due to lack of numbers. Dropping into claim-ing grade next season, he may just be finishing in time for the next race to go off.

Battle Of The Beanfield Stetman 6 - 1 - 1 - 4 – 1
Been a great servant for new trainer since being sold by Anfield Road, helping himself to 3 good wins. Shown good form at graded level, but struggled at the very top and see him struggling again, especially over this untried long classic distance. Big shout out to his owner for getting him to the final!

Widowmaker Nemesis Stud 1 - 3 - 2 - 2 – 3
By Kitten Courage, has earnt a nice amount without being prolific. Finished a respectable 3rd in last seasons final, so no slouch and 2000M represents well within his reach, having been in the top 2, in all 4 occasions he has run this far. Represents, for me, Nemesis’s best chance in this race and with the unknown surrounding Dancing Brave, he could very easily take this prize.

Lead Zeplin Nemesis Stud 5 - 1 - 6 - 7 – 6
Seemed to have lost his way since being bought from Bob Baffert, however, his run in the Pacific brought him back into the frame, although that race was run in a quite average time won by an unexposed type. Honestly think he isn’t up to the required level today and will be seeing more hoses in front of him than behind!

Jadarose Black Cat Racing 3 - 2 - 6 - 1 – 4
Had a purple patch for 2 months winning the classic last season and looked like a super horse for the future. Came off the rails somewhat and run some average races since albeit in a very tough category containing a monster. She is still a live contender for the places.


Dancing Brave

Champions Cup Preview: Juvenile Turf Sprint- 5F

-by Chaos Rules [View Race] A typically high class final in prospect headed by Anfield Road's recent

-by Chaos Rules

[View Race]

Qualifier Standings

Rank   Runs Points  
#1  Kingcauswell Lanes End Farm 4 40
#2  Ouija Board Anfield Road 4 32
#3  Playboy Bob Baffert 4 27
#4 Delirium Chaos Rules 3 26
#4  Windstoss Ranch Hamburg 3 26
#4 English Battalion Anfield Road 3 26
#7  Jellicoe Nemesis Stud 3 23
#8 Top Bird Black Cat Racing 5 18
#9  Legendary Star Ranch Hamburg 2 17
#10 Cosmic Adventure Nemesis Stud 3 16
#11 Revenant Rubi Rocks 2 15
#12  Seattle Slew I NPMJ Racing 2 13


A typically high class final in prospect headed by Anfield Road's recent acquisition Ouija Board. She has shown top form this season but may be better suited by six furlongs rather than this flying five. By contrast stablemate English Battalion revels over the five furlong and also has some smart form in the book.

Delirium has shown only steady form and needs to improve to trouble the best of these. 

Ranch Hamburg runs Windstoss, proven over trip and going it remains to be seen whether his penalty for a last time out win in a qualifier scuppers his chances of lifting the crown. 

Bob Baffert is represented by home-bred Playboy, a surprise winner of the Keeneland Turf Sprint early in the season with several of todays rivals behind. A son of the awesome Bull Diamond this one has to be given respect. 

Lanes End Farm is represented by ultimate sprinter Kingcausewell, equally at home from five to seven furlongs his last two qualifier runs can safely be ignored. This one is sure to be a different proposition come the final though confidence is tempered by carrying a double penalty.

Jellicoe runs for Nemesis Stud and has been campaigned over further, winning his last qualifier over seven furlongs so may be taken off his feet here whilst the same stables Cosmic Adventure doesn't look up to this level.

Rubi Rocks sends out Revenant who is closely matched with Windstoss on their last meeting and should be able to turn the tables on that one.

All in all a fascinating race in prospect sure to be fast and furious and likely to end with a blanket finish.


PREDICTED ODDS: PLAYBOY 3/1, Revenant 4/1, Kingcausewell 11/2, Windstoss 6/1, English Battalion 8/1, Delirium 9/1, Ouija Board 10/1, Jellicoe 16/1, Cosmic Adventure 25/1

Champions Cup Preview: Juvenile Turf Marathon - 1 1/2 M

-by Chaos Rules [View Race] Qualifier Standings Rank   Runs Points   #1  Hope St

-by Chaos Rules

[View Race]

Qualifier Standings

Rank   Runs Points  
#1  Hope Street Anfield Road 5 32
#2  Stroll In The Rain Anfield Road 4 31
#3  Champions League Anfield Road 4 25
#4 A Rare Delight Green As Grass 3 18
#4  Phar Lap Anfield Road 4 18
#6 Cosmic Explosion Nemesis Stud 2 17
#7 Mani illiterate bunch 3 16
#8  Anxiety Chaos Rules 2 14
#9 Maniac Distinction illiterate bunch 3 13
#10 Tonys Alibi Nemesis Stud 3 12
#11 Blue Empire True Blue Stable 3 9
#12 Mosquito Squadron Nemesis Stud 2 8


A fittingly large and illustrious field contests this prestigious event. Hope Street was an expensive mid season purchase moving to Anfield Road from Rubi Rocks. His new trainer will be looking to recoup the cost here and given the level of form shown so far has every chance of doing so. However his trainer runs four in this and stablemate Stroll In The Rain looks a big threat assuming this is his first choice as he is also entered in the dirt marathon over 1 3/4m. However neither Champions League nor Phar Lap have quite shown enough to suggest either can lift this prize. Blue Empire (True Blue Stable) may struggle under a double penalty. Anxiety was holding a little back last time and should go close but may struggle to contain easy winner Stroll In The Rain. Mani and Maniac Distinction are both maidens from Illiterate Bunch who get all the weight allowances and some pieces of good form means that neither can be ruled out. Nemesis Stud has given impeccably bred Cosmic Explosion a light campaign, reaching the final both unpenalised and unexposed, whilst stablemates Tonys Alibi needs further and Mosquito Squadron needs shorter. Green As Grass runs A Rare Delight who has campaigned mainly over further and also needs to improve.

PREDICTED ODDS:- COSMIC EXPLOSION 5/2, Stroll In The Rain 7/2, Hope Street 9/2, Anxiety 5/1 Maniac Distinction 6/1, Champion League 8/1, Mani 10/1, Phar Lap 14/1, Blue Empire & Mosquito Squadron 20/1, Tonys Alibi 25/1, A Rare Delight 33/1

Champions Cup Preview: Turf Classic - 1600M

-by Anfield Road[View Race] Qualifier Standing Rank   Runs Points   #1  Dancing

-by Anfield Road
[View Race]

Qualifier Standing

Rank   Runs Points  
#1  Dancing Brave Anfield Road 4 27
#2  Strikker Lanes End Farm 4 23
#3 Rise Of A King Black Cat Racing 4 14
#4  Wise Dane Bob Baffert 2 9
#4 Transvision Vamp Nemesis Stud 2 9
#6 Bog Trotter Black Cat Racing 2 7
#7  Men An Tol Anfield Road 2 6
#7 Slasher Of New York Nemesis Stud 2 6


Dancing Brave, Anfield Road 1 - 3 - 1 - 1 – 2
Pushed very closely for horse of the year award, being unbeatable on turf and excelling on the dirt among the top horses. Purchased from Restart The Fun for $30, he was a winner of his last qualifier at 1600M by 4 lengths, I can’t see any way he is going to fail. All acclamation goes to Martin for breeding and selling him extremely cheaply to Anfield Road.

Men An Tol, Anfield Road 4 - 1 - 3 - 4 – 4
Claimed for $50 from Rubi Rocks and winner of over $500 with only 3 wins! Worryingly his form has taken a nose dive since being claimed and hopes are not as high as they should be. He has winning form over 1600M and in fact set a top time when last winning over the distance. If a fast pace is set I can him closing quickly at the, but whether he is good enough for a place we’ll have to wait and see.

Strikker, Lanes End Farm 5 - 2 - 2 - 2 – 2
The bridesmaid to Dancing Brave all season. Without the Brave, Strikker would be a hall of famer himself. Having said that he hasn’t done too bad winning $500 with just 4 wins. Always been the horse closest to Dancing Brave, I can only see him doing the same in the final. I think we may see him run to his best over 2000M in the future.

Transvision Vamp, Nemesis Stud 2 - 2 - 3 - 4 – 4
A decent horse running in a very difficult grade. Had been running some very nice races this season, but has looked below par the last 2 she has run, which is worrying going into a major final. 1600M is his nominal distance so he should out up another bold show for Nemesis Stud. Hard to see him challenging the front two in the betting.

Slasher Of New York, Nemesis Stud 1 - 7 - 4 - 2 – 1
The only horse coming into the race off a win last race, over this distance too, setting the 2nd fastest mile time this season. So he looks like he comes here in top form and ready to take on the front two in the betting. He looks a horse that is a top quality graded runner and an above average champ type, who if still maturing could be one to watch in this final. I also like the way he finishes his races, in pretty rapid sectional splits.

Bog Trotter, Black Cat Racing 3 - 4 - 2 - 4 - 3
One of two runners for Black Cat racing and being an astute trainer, isn’t entered half-heartedly. Not been out of the places this season, he shows admirable consistency at all levels. This gelding by top sire Kitten Courage may be tapped for pace at the minimum classic distance and results point to him be a much better animal over further. But always take notice of Black Cats entires!!

Rise Of A King, Black Cat Racing 3 - 5 - 1 - 3 – 6
The last horse in this line up and second for Black Cat and another prodigy from Kitten Courage. On paper he looks like he will struggle against this field, unable to show any top level form through his career to date, with his last race over a mile looking quite poor coming into this final. Black Cats hopes lie with the first mentioned.


Dancing Brave
Slasher of New York

Champions Cup Preview: Turf Sprint – 1000M

-by Anfield RoadPrevious Winner - Tango Kat, Nemesis Stables Qualifier Standings Rank   Runs

-by Anfield Road
Previous Winner - Tango Kat, Nemesis Stables
[View Race]

Qualifier Standings

Rank   Runs Points  
#1  Street Lights Bob Baffert 4 25
#2  Top Gunner Lanes End Farm 4 20
#3  Peterloo Massacre Anfield Road 3 19
#4 Lonesome Bob Baffert 4 17
#5  Blitzkrieg Anfield Road 2 12
#6  Men An Tol Anfield Road 2 10
#7 Lancaster Bomber Anfield Road 3 6
#7 Ravishing Spectre Rubi Rocks 2 6
#7 Dark Angel Nemesis Stud 2 6
#11 Stalingrad Anfield Road 2 2


Street lights, winner of over $300 and with only 2 wins! That is some performance and shows how consistent this horse has been for its owner, Bob Baffert. The short sprint poses no issues for this son of Simple Street. His running style is a consistent one, always with the pace, posting comparable splits for each section in the race. His finishing kick isn’t among the best, but the rest have to keep up with him through all the sections.

Top Gunner, from the top-class Lanes end stable, he excels at the short sprint, winning over this distance on 2 occasions. He is another consistent performer without being top class and is bang on for earning some money back in this race. I make him my favourite today.

Peterloo Massacre, from Anfield Road, is a class horse, bought from Rubi Rocks for $30. Excelling over long sprint s, he wont trouble the leaders over this 1000M, he just doesn’t have the speed. Having worked him in public at 1000M, he conforms my suspicions. If this final was run over 1400M I would have him as favourite.

Lonesome, Bob Baffert’s second runner today and again gives him an excellent chance of earning some money. She has earnt her spot by progressing through the grades first and with growth has matured into a very nice horse, capable of beating anything on her day at this distance. She had won 5 in a row whilst learning her trade in graded races and shown her ability to mix with the very best here. Her running style will place at the front of the pack and try to run the finish out of the field.

Blitzkrieg, second runner from Anfield Road, he represents my best chance of money in this final. Ultra-consistent this season, always in the money, he may just surprise me and get a win here.

Lancaster Bomber, my third runner, he is probably the least likely to get anything from this race and, again, had it been over 1400 he would have an outstanding chance.

Stalingrad, my forth horse and the fact he is marked for claimers next season means he really shouldn’t be in this line up.

Dark Angel, has won a graded race at 1000M in a very nice time early in his career, so the distance poses no problems. His biggest issue is he looks a very good graded horse but an average championship one. 

Ravishing Spectre, his winning time in February is an outstanding run and shows he has ability but he lacks the consistency required at this level. Cannot see him challenging the better horses here.


Top Gunner
Street Lights

Champions Cup Preview: Dirt Sprint – 1400M

-by Anfield StablesPrevious Winner - Pnelope, True Blue StablesThe opening race of this seasons fant

-by Anfield Road
Previous Winner - Pnelope, True Blue Stables
[View Race]

Qualifier Standings

Rank   Runs Points  
#1  Wise Dane Bob Baffert 3 20
#2  Running From Nemesis KINGS OF THRONES 3 17
#3 Midnight Hurricane Bob Baffert 3 15
#4 Alphadan Anfield Road 3 14
#4 Ravishing Spectre Rubi Rocks 3 14
#6 Stalingrad Anfield Road 4 11
#6  Asiatic Bob Baffert 3 11
#8 Star Pupil Anfield Road 4 8
#9 Dark Angel Nemesis Stud 2 7


The opening race of this seasons fantastic Championship is probably one of the easiest to predict.

Wise Dane, from the all conquering Bob Baffert stable, she has been an absolute superstar this season, crushing everything in her way in the dirt division. She even had the audacity to take on the very best on turf also, with fantastic results. The only saving grace for the rest of the field is 1400M appears to be her least favourite distance, having won her last race at 1400M by just 1 length. That gives everyone else a little hope.

Running From Nemesis, from the Nemesis Stable, showed nothing like Championship form last season, however, she has turned into a top class horse this one. She constitutes the biggest danger to Wise Dane, having pushed the superstar very close last time out. She was finishing like an express train and if she can position herself a little closer in the middle part of the race she stands a great chance of getting a major win.

Midnight Hurricane, the second runner from Bob Baffert Stable, she has proven to be ultra consistent runner at the top level, never being out of the money. Failed to make last seasons final through lack of qualifying runs, where she surely would have been among the favourites. Her form has continued into this season, however, like Asiatic, I feel 1400M is beyond her stamina levels. If she is able to save a little at the end, her blistering finish could give her a shout. Over 1200M she finished her last race in just 10 seconds for the 200M, eclipsing the winner, Wise Dane’s 12 seconds.

Alphadan, from Anfield Road stable, looks to have as much chance winning as he does getting his tackle glued back on and working! In the money at all levels in 12 of his 14 races, but none have been over 1400M. He is a decent championship horses without being among the best, but always runs his best.

Ravishing Spectre, from the Rubi Rocks Stable is the only representative from this top trainer. Another who is going to struggle at this extended sprint distance, having never run this far in his career. Entered into both finals, this race being second means he is here for the bonus credits. Last win was 6 races ago, however he continued to set some decent ratings in defeat.

Stalingrad, second runner from Anfield Road stables. Capable of competing over 1400M, but not very competitive at all. In fact he will be dropping into claimers next season, so this is his swansong. He would need to start running a day earlier to stand a chance at placing against the top 2 horses!! Another picking up bonus credits after running first in the turf final

Asiatic, the third runner from Bob Baffert, she was the winner of the Juvenile dirt sprint, this filly was one of the top Juveniles of last season, and continued her form into the first 2 races of her 3 year campaign. However, since then she has failed to light the track up again, finishing well behind in both her races. 1400M looks to be beyond her talents and feel she will struggle to compete, which is a shame as it would be great to see her challenging the best of this season.

Star Pupil, third runner from the reprobate that is Anfield Road, she represents my best chance of finishing on the same day. Her times have still been improving at 1400M, but still leaves her trailing behind the best and really can’t see her making any impression at all.

Dark Angel, from the Nemesis Stable, this gelding is entered into both the dirt and turf finals. With the turf going off first, this represents nothing more than bonus money. Much like my own finalists, he isn’t good enough at the very top level, giving him a very tough task. Having never run at 1400M, we can assume he doesn’t have the energy to complete the distance in a competitive time and can only see him bringing up the rear.

Looks like 1400M has killed the final for all bar 2 horses, which is a shame for the curtain raiser. Cant help thinking Wise Dane would win no matter the distance, but it certainly would be much more competitive over shorter sprints.


Wise Dane
Running From Nemesis
Midnight Hurricane

Season 11 Awards

As the season winds down and the Breeders Cup championships are just around the corner, it's once ag

As the season winds down and the Champions Cup championships are just around the corner, it's once again time for the Annual Sport of Kings awards.

Horse Awards

Horse of the year

This may have been the toughest decision we've had to make as there are three simply outstanding horses this year, all in the three year old group.  Dancing Brave continues to be spectacular and leads the earnings per start with a whopping $63.20 mark.  Wise Dane, who for some reason missed last years Champions Cup after dominating the season, continues to impress.  His only knock this year was the two losses that both came on the lawn.  That leaves us with the winner

Bulldog Breed

This three year old filly out of Pioneer of the Nile has absolutely exploded this season after losing the Juvenile Champions Cup by a head.  She has absolutely dusted the competition and looks to be a sure thing going into the Champions Cup Turf Finals this year.  An $87 purchase from the stable manager yearling sale, she has more than repaid Anfield's faith in her with an excess of $700 earned heading into the finals and her senior campaign.  Seemingly the only question left to ask of her will be how long she continue to race? 


Juvenile of the year

This was a great year for competitive racing and both of the top two horses on the leaderboard are deserving of this award.

Stroll In The Rain

With eight lifetime starts this filly has only finished off the board one time and she is always always within a length or two.  She's been a true star for Anfield and she seems to be improving with only the latest speed rating giving pause for concern.  She is the only horse from either the sire or mare to enter the starting gate but you have to think that will change with her success.

Legendary Star

After missing the board entirely in his prior start this son of Distinctive Passion showed his quality to win by 2 lengths in a late Qualifier to secure a spot in the Finals.  This colt appears to be comfortable on both dirt and turf which is a trait that Distinctive Passion seems to pass on.  This is the only runner for Ivory Coast, once again proving that owners can find quality in more than one place.

Sire of the year

Kitten Courage

*Kitten's Joy                             
This seven year old sire, who could still be racing, continues to throw winners at a shocking 85% rate.  After a respectable racing career he was retired to stud following two really dull outings in the senior division.  With a total over $4,500 in foal earnings and in excess of $110 per horse this sire is still a bargain at the lofty fee of $25 per stud.  Among the FIFTEEN graded stakes winners, Dancing Brave continues to be a standout along with One Fast Cast.  It's not surprise the breeding rights to this horse sell out quickly every season.

Classic Races, Big Purses

Season 11 sees the return of two iconic classic distance races covering a mile and a quarter on dirt

Season 11 sees the return of two iconic classic distance races covering a mile and a quarter on dirt.  The K L Patton stakes for juvenile's and the SOK Pacific Classic.

The purses for the races will be $440 for the Pacific Classic and the $300 for the K L Patton.  These are sure to be hotly contested and are perfectly positioned as a final prep before the Champions Cup finals.

Season 10 Preview

  Season 10 Preview   There is extra excitement in the air as we launch into our tenth sea


Season 10 Preview


There is extra excitement in the air as we launch into our tenth season.  The thrill of the unknown expectations for juveniles combined with the increasingly lucrative championship series has many of our owners jumping up and down with anticipation.  The juvenile finals will be worth an astounding $600 each and there has truly never been a better time to come try and win your portion of it.  We continue to offer a one of a kind experience to our players with our extremely affordable subscription model and responsive customer service that is unmatched in the industry.  Many of owners are starting to see their very own home breds hit the track as the breeding side of the game continues to explode in popularity.  As our popularity continues to grow so will the opportunities to race and the purses. New players will receive a 100% matching bonus up to $200 for their first deposit.

Championship Racing

The series begins in October and there will be over $1,600 in added money up for grabs in the qualifiers for that month alone.

We have posted the finals ahead of time so that players will know the purses, distances, and dates!   The qualifiers, which are a series of races used to accumulate points for the finals, will be worth more than ever as well.  Each qualifier will be worth a staggering $110 which means that there is more purse money available this season than ever before.  At a price of just $7.50 to buy a new horse, there is massive value to be found in each purchase.